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Reconsideration Appeals

Salt Lake City Reconsiderations Appeals Lawyer

Rejection in any form can be difficult to stomach. But when your economic security hangs in the balance, when your application for Social Security disability benefits has been denied, the results can be immobilizing. When the temptation to give up is strong, it is reassuring to have a legal team on your side to encourage you to pursue your goal of financial relief.

Utah Disability P.C., located in Salt Lake City, Utah, has designed its practice to deal specifically with Social Security disability (SSD) issues. We are a firm that cares about helping people who face home foreclosures, collections companies and car repossessions because their medical conditions have made it impossible for them to work for extended periods. If your SSD application has been denied, do not hesitate to contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Appeals – A Time-Sensitive Issue

  • Our primary message to those who have had an initial SSD application denied is this: Do not give up. Contact Utah Disability, P.C. immediately for assistance with the reconsideration appeals process. 
  • If a negative decision has been made regarding your initial application, you have only 60 days in which to appeal the decision. This short time frame can add to the frustration you may already feel — We have successfully filed appeals for new clients, even on the 60th day.

An Ongoing, Reassuring Presence

  • No matter where our clients are in their reconsideration appeals process, we maintain close contact with them, ensuring that documents have been filed accurately and received.
  • We keep our clients apprised of developments in their reconsideration appeals cases and inform them of administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing dates.
Don’t let discouragement or physical pain get in the way of getting the Social Security disability benefits you are entitled to. Contact Utah Disability, P.C., — we have earned a reputation for success by effectively pursuing claims on behalf of those we serve.

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