Spinal Problems


Spinal Injury Claims Lawyer – Utah

If you have worked in a physically demanding industry but now, because of a serious back injury, are no longer able to do so, finding new work can be difficult. Perhaps you tried transitioning to a desk job only to find that sitting in a chair for prolonged periods caused pain and made it difficult to concentrate.

We at Utah Disability, P.C., in Salt Lake City, Utah, understand the debilitating effect a serious spinal injury or condition can have. If you have found it impossible to work because of degenerative disc disease or some other spinal condition, contact us and schedule a free initial consultation.

The Problem of Not Getting By

People often fail to understand the debilitating quality of a serious spinal injury. If you have been accustomed to working in a physically demanding career, trying to find less active work following an accident can be difficult. The transition from activity to inactivity can take its toll, but even more difficult is the fact that those with degenerative disc disease and other spinal conditions often cannot sit for long periods. Legal intervention can greatly improve your chances of obtaining benefits for your spinal injury claim.

Relying on Our Firm

At Utah Disability, P.C., we work closely with our clients to help them through every step of the SSD claims process. We are reliable, professional and, above all, personable. We care about helping you get the benefits you are entitled to and will not accept a fee if we are unable to do so.

Don’t let discouragement or physical pain get in the way of getting the Social Security disability benefits you are entitled to. Contact Utah Disability, P.C.. — we have earned a reputation for success by effectively pursuing claims on behalf of those we serve. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. Call us at 801-328-5600.